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Representative Government is made of individuals. Individuals who were selected by election to serve the people whom they represent. More often than not, these representatives become transformed once they arrive in Washington, D.C. and begin to pay heed to special interests over the Will of the People.

These individuals must be identified, warned, and then outed to their constituency.

Through the changing landscape of education and media, the breakdown of mass-communications has made it difficult to inform an increasingly apathetic public about their rights and how they are being eroded. Our mission is to use the newer mediums of social networking and viral communications to pierce the media bubbles that the public have created for themselves in reaction to media information overload.

The US Freedom Coalition will identify topical State’s Rights issues, by appealing directly to the public, and then launch special projects that will focus in on a specific State’s Rights issue to target the individuals who are creating the problem with an influence the influencers campaign and then with broader social media and viral marketing campaigns to educate and mobilize the public to take action.